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Commercial Services

We can offer you an efficient and cost-effective cleaning service that will have your business premises looking as good as new in no time. Don’t waste money on buying new surfaces or repainting – call Premier Clean today and for a fraction of the cost, you’ll have refreshed premises with reduced ongoing maintenance.


Chewing gum removal

We can remove chewing gum quickly and efficiently without damaging surfaces.


Stain removal

We can remove oil, fuel, paint, grease and much more from many different surfaces.


Soft washing

This long lasting cleaning technique uses low pressure and eco-friendly chemicals.


Paving cleaning

All types of surfaces and materials cleaned however large or small the area.


Car park cleaning

We are equipped to clean large car parks and other open spaces.


Steam cleaning

Using steam allows us to provide more effective results that last.


Graffiti removal

We can carefully remove different types of paints from a variety of surfaces.


Building cleaning

 Comprehensive exterior and interior cleaning of your business premises.

We also offer many other services, just enquire on our contact page or request a brochure.

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